Find out about Displays Marijuana Shoppers Don’t seem to be Lazy Stoners

A find out about carried out by way of BDS Analytics debunks the “lazy stoner” stereotype for excellent with analysis on marijuana customers.

No longer will marijuana nay-sayers have the ability to pull the “lazy stoner” stereotype to pass judgement on you and fellow marijuana customers. A find out about used to be carried out that debunks the standard “stoner” stereotype, and claims “hashish customers are glad campers.”



Despite the fact that Colorado is definitely into its years of marijuana legalization, there are nonetheless some very prevalent, flawed and moderately frankly antiquated notions surrounding hashish customers:

However now not, we imagine, for for much longer. Hashish customers, it seems, are a few of the maximum well-adjusted and a success of American adults, in line with effects from BDS Analytics’ landmark hashish client analysis find out about, the primary of its type in historical past. The continuing find out about is essentially the most complete and detailed have a look at hashish customers ever carried out.   – BDS Analytics

…Are a few of the maximum well-adjusted and a success of American Adults you are saying? Fascinating. I will be able to recall myself announcing one thing very equivalent at the ones vintage circle of relatives Thanksgiving judgement periods. You all know what I’m speaking about.

However again to the details. The find out about when compared folks in 3 other classes. Shoppers (those that have ate up hashish previously), Acceptors (those that have thought to be eating hashish) and Rejecters (individuals who don’t eat, and would now not imagine it).

This can be a landmark find out about for marijuana analysis. The continuing find out about is essentially the most complete and detailed have a look at hashish customers that has but to be carried out. From the find out about, a number of eye-opening statistics have arisen that may have you ever announcing “lazy stoner” not more.

Listed below are among the findings, and, in the event you favor, a extra visible scope, take a look at the BDS infographic breaking all of it down!

Completed Individually and Professionally

  • 64 p.c of Colorado marijuana Shoppers have full-time employment – in comparison to 51 p.c of Acceptors and 54 p.c of Rejecters.

Oldsters & Households

  • 64 p.c of marijuana Shoppers in California are oldsters, in comparison to 60 p.c of Acceptors and 55 p.c of Rejecters.

Social and Ingenious Process

  • 36 p.c of Colorado Shoppers agree they’re very social folks, in comparison to 21 p.c of Acceptors and 28 p.c of Rejecters.

The Nice Outdoor

  • When in comparison to Rejecters, Shoppers in each Colorado and California declare they revel in outside game at a better charge: 50 p.c of Colorado customers, in comparison to 36 p.c of Colorado Rejecters. and 57 p.c for California Shoppers in comparison to 26 p.c for California Rejecters.

Those are only some appearing samples that shine a mild to the truth that marijuana customers aren’t the lazy stoners media and preconceived notions generally declare they’re.

The entire find out about has a wealth of knowledge that beef up that marijuana customers are useful, a success, and energetic participants of society.

“Hashish customers are some distance got rid of from the caricatures traditionally used to explain them … If truth be told, certain way of life signs like volunteering, socializing, pride with lifestyles and delight in workout and the outside are absolute best amongst hashish customers, a minimum of in Colorado and California.” – Linda Gilbert, head of the patron analysis department at BDS Analytics.

As I stated, the find out about continues to be ongoing as developments within the somewhat new-ish global of buying hashish get up to be tracked and studied. The marijuana client analysis department continues to inspect the range of the hashish client marketplace. This comprises intake practices, attitudes and life. Having a look intently at marijuana customers, why they’re purchasing hashish merchandise, and the way they achieve their intake selections.

There may be quite a lot of client profiles and behaviors that has include this find out about. If you have an interest in buying the total find out about, talk over with the Shopper Analysis Department web page of BDS Analytics.

Should you’d love to view the infographic and dive somewhat deeper into the find out about on a visible scale, talk over with the following web page!

Featured symbol courtesy of Spencer Platt/Getty Photographs

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